Phrase of the week: walk down memory lane

Walk down memory lane means remember happy times in the past.

Last week, I walked down memory lane using Google Street map. I located my former flat in Edinburgh on Springvalley Gardens and I was surprised to see the blinds are still the same after almost 7 years! Might be high time to redecorate šŸ˜‰


I was also glad to see that my favourite restaurant: The Gurkha is still open, only a few minutes walk from my old place.


This app is so much fun. I really enjoyed wondering about and I could almost smell that distinctive strong Edinburgh aroma of beer and yeast.

Funny thing is: I can’t remember the number of my old flat was it 36, 9 or even 6?


a lane: une voie, un chemin

former: ancien, ex

the blinds: les stores

yeast: la levure

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