Video from the BBC: Sydney – Going Local

English: A exposure blended photo of the Sydne...

Video from the BBC: Sydney – Going Local

Here is a video from the excellent travel section of the BBC website. It might give you some great ideas for your next trip.

This 5 minute video, gives an overview of Sydney, Australia through a series of challenges the journalist has to overcome. The challenges enable the viewer to discover Sydney as locals know it. It’s good sometimes to get away from the beaten tracks.

Have a nice trip 🙂  !!


The harbour: le port

to complete: achever

a bakery: une boulangerie

Would you mind if … ?: Est-ce que cela ne vous dĂ©range pas si ….?

No wonder: pas Ă©tonnant

to be stuffed: ĂȘtre repu

a bow: un noeud

a size: une taille

a layer: une couche

the figure: la silhouette

kind of: en quelque sorte

to give somebody the low-down: mettre quelqu’un au courant

spur: ici, Ă©nergie



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