Meg and Mog to the rescue

meg and mog

It’s not always easy to teach your child another language, especially when the little one is surrounded by his/her maternal language in the extended family and at nursery school. I try to speak English to my toddler as much as I can, but no matter my efforts she is more proficient in French. She manages however to say quite a few words in English (about 200) and understands very well.

As every little helps, when my wee one wants to watch the telly I make sure her cartoons are in English. Lately, we’ve discovered the adventures of Meg and Mog and she absolutely loves this show. Meg is a nice little witch, no very good at making spells, and Mog is her beloved cat. The episodes are short, and the themes relate to a young child (Christmas, the zoo, birthdays, Easter eggs ….).

When we watch it together, I question her in English and she does the same, but in French. Make sure you always interact with your child if you use TV as a tool to learn a language as he/she will learn much more.

You’ll find plenty of episodes of Meg and Mog on youtube.


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