Back to school

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Hello everyone,

This week in France children are back to school. It was the same for English and Welsh children, although the poor kids only started their holiday on the 17th July. In Scotland the “wee bairns” (the little children in Scottish slang) were off school from the 27th June to the 16th August. This is because Scotland has its own education system and examination board.

Here is a video of Shone who is about to start secondary school. She tells us about some differences between primary and secondary school and how she’s getting ready for this big change.

Did you get everything? Check if you can answer all the following questions:

1/ How old is Shone?

2/ What did her former headteacher write on her t-shirt?

3/ What was it like to be one of the oldest in primary school?

4/ What has she got to wear?

5/ What does she say about the blazer?

6/ What is she packing in her school bag?

7/ What is she looking forward to?

8/ What makes her nervous and worried?

Have a great back to school!


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